Vivid Red

Andra Roman | Romania | 2016 | 3 mins


Vivid Red Synopsis

A film about empowerment, using your inner voice and being yourself regardless of what you might perceive as flaws or weaknesses.

Vivid Red was an official selection of the 2017 WVN Online Film Festival.



About the Filmmaker

Andra Roman is from Eastern Europe and is passionate and committed to her filmmaking. As a filmmaker, she tries to incorporate her own evolving story to inform her art. She believes that while everyone is special, people will relate to one another despite differences. Andra does not try to create art that everyone likes because it is disingenuous. The only certain thing is to create art that she likes because it is based on her truth. She finds that many people like her art based on this personal process because, in reality, we are all going through similar human themes.

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