Xiuranis Aguilar (17), Camila Sandoval (14), LaNiya Wallace (14) | United States | 2022 | 11:01 min


We Can Do It Synopsis

WE CAN DO IT shows how gender roles negatively affect all (female, non-binary, and male), though being completely unnecessary. In this film, we will explore this issue along with solutions on how to fix it.

When we came together to make a short documentary film, we agreed the most important issue to us is how gender roles negatively affect us. This has been our reality for too long and we need to stand up against the patriarchy. Help us fight now!


About the Filmmakers

Xiuranis Aguilar is a seventeen-year-old rising senior year. She’s the fourth daughter to her Mexican parents. She looks up to her single mother and her three older sisters and plays a mentor role to her younger sister. Living in Hollywood, Xiuranis’ mom had a camera and would record her and her sisters almost every day, documenting their childhood. The film was always something Xiuranis was passionate about and at a young age she began studying films, always predicting what would happen next. Without any film or drama clubs at school, Xiuranis didn’t know where to begin until Girls’ Voices Now.

Camila Sandoval is a 14-year-old freshman at East College Prep in Lincoln Heights. She is passionate about mental health and suicide prevention and speaking out against generational trauma. Camila wants to be a screenwriter, producer, or director.

LaNiya Wallace is a rising freshman at St. Mary’s Academy High School. She is a confident, compassionate young woman with a special interest in gender equality and social justice, who recently took up tackle football and is one of the only young women at her school to do so. She is determined to prove that women can do everything that men can, and more. Whether it’s defending women’s rights, or being the best actress in the world, LaNiya Wallace will make history.



1. What is the most memorable moment where your gender alone has disadvantaged you?

2. How did this affect your mental state/change how you perceive the world?

3. What age were you when you realized the world was going to treat you as less than based on your gender?



1. What is one thing you would change/one lesson you would teach the world in order to make it better?

2. What is something you took away from this film?

3. Can you relate to any of the topics the subjects touched on?


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