Where Are the Men?

Taraneh Salke | Afghanistan, USA | 2011 | 15 mins

Where Are the Men? Synopsis

Successful family planning, improved women’s health, and development in Afghanistan require the support of the country’s men as well as the women. Yet, in a place where women require men’s permission to leave the house, seek health care, or use contraceptives, how will this come about?

Where Are the Men? was an official selection of the 2016 WVN Online Film Festival.

About the Filmmaker

Taraneh Salke was inspired by her work with Family Health Alliance (FHA) to create Where Are the Men?. While working in Afghanistan, she has remained cognizant of the daily challenges unique to Afghan women. Salke knows that these challenges are partially due to the fact that men’s perspectives govern all aspects of Afghan women’s lives, including access to healthcare. She wanted to create this documentary to share their unheard voices with the world, raise awareness, and foster dialogue about possible solutions.

Salke created a culturally appropriate and culturally-sensitive Male Involvement Program in the greater Family Planning Program for FHA. Her film highlights how men are an underutilized yet locally significant resource in the advancement of Afghan women. Her film also highlights how Afghan women must function as part of a collective to survive, which increases their reliance on men in their families and therefore any progress requires male allies.

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