Where is My Mother’s House

Selma Nayebi | Iran | 2014 | 15 mins


Where is My Mother’s House Synopsis

Many elderly people in nursing homes in Iran have been abandoned by their children and they suffer from a lack of love and attention. Despite good conditions within these homes for the elderly, the clients of these homes eternally hope to leave and return to the bosom of their families.


About the Filmmaker

Selma Nayebi is an award-winning filmmaker from Tehran, Iran. For the past 14 years, she has been researching, directing, shooting, writing, and editing short documentaries about the themes of poverty and the plight of marginalized people, especially women.


More From the Filmmaker

The Old people are more or less driven in a situation posing harsh from the society. It insists that the man in the final years of his life is still man requires a complete transformation of the present society.

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