Who’s Your Dad?

Alexandra von Schelling | Cuba | 2018 | 23 mins



Who’s Your Dad? Synopsis

‘Who’s Your Dad?’ is a dramatized series of interviews based on testimonies women gave about their experiences of sexism in film. The interviews are part of a false documentary supposedly made by a male director and male film crew about women in the film industry.

We progressively realize through strange interactions between the women and the director behind the camera that the women you are watching are not real women – they are actresses – and the director behind the camera is also an actor.

At the end of the film, you discover that the documentary was directed by two women – a surprise intended as a political message about the gender prejudices in the industry. Our film denounces sexism in the film industry.

It exposes the damage of daily microaggressions that women experience in university and in the workplace and how this impacts their confidence and capacity to achieve success. It is an attempt to fight for women’s right to equal opportunity in the workplace.

About the Filmmakers

Alexandra von Schelling is a documentary film-maker. She graduated from Escuela Internacional de Cine y Televisión (EICTV) in 2017. She has directed and produced three documentary films: ‘Limitless’ (2016), ‘Who’s Your Dad?’’(2018) and ‘The Other Side of the Moon’ (2019).

Her film ‘Limitless’, about a transvestite in Cuba and his struggle to mend a broken heart after the love of his life left him for a traditional family life, was selected for film festivals such as Pink Apple: Zurich Film Festival & Roze Filmdagen: Amsterdam LGBT International Film Festival.

Her first feature length film ‘The Other Side of the Moon’, a portrait of the most famous five-star hotel in Havana built prior to the Cuban revolution, is currently in post-production and to be released in 2019.

Rebeca Sasse was born in Madrid in 1992. She studied ‘Media Studies’ at Carlos III University of Madrid. She collaborated with Abertura Vaginal art collective and curated the exhibition “Female fluidities: video art & postporn” in the Neomudejar Museum of Madrid.

She also organised the first feminist cinema course in the Complutense University of Madrid and did her final thesis on the intersection between art, politics and porn. When she finished her degree in 2014, she was awarded student of the year. Later on she started specialising in film and photography.

In 2017, she did a masters in documentary filmmaking at the Escuela Internacional de Cine (EICTV) in Cuba, where she made films such as ‘Emerge’, ‘Como se llama tu padre’ and ‘I wanted to make a film about tourism…’. In 2017 she worked as a videographer in Mexico for World Vasectomy Day.

More from the Filmmakers

‘Who’s Your Dad?’ is a film inspired by the women at our film school who agreed to share their experiences of sexism with us for the first time. We wanted to find a way to break this silence without jeopardizing anyone’s reputation, and so decided to hide behind the guise of fiction while staying true to this harsh reality.

The act of making a mockumentary, a film that blurs the lines between reality and fiction, was a way of alluding to anonymity as a condition for speaking the truth and what this shows about the greater social context. We also wanted to blur the boundaries between documentary and fiction as a means by which to draw attention to the film set as a false yet very real representation of reality.

These women each have their own story to tell, yet their real identity is blurred: it could have happened to anyone one of them. We hope to be able to use ambiguity as a political weapon and a means by which to trigger infinite interpretations. It must be stressed that despite the use of actresses in this film, every testimony is real.


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