Without My Dreams

Afrooz Nasersharif | Iran | 2016 | 7 mins

Without My Dreams Synopsis

Before their childhood and innocence is lost to time, two young girls exercise their right to be free.

Without My Dreams was an official selection of the 2016 WVN Online Film Festival.

About the Filmmaker

Afrooz Nasersharif graduated with a B.A. in art restoration and conservation in 2002. She is an art manager in some of Tehran’s modern art galleries and restores several antique pieces and oil paintings. She has been part of group photo exhibitions in Mane – Honare No Gallery in Tehran (2004), New Hall in Cambridge, England (2007), and in Asia House (Iran Heritage) in London (2008). She curated “Culture and Metro,” a photo exhibition in metro stations in Tehran (2004). She also contributed photos for the book, We Were Lost in Photos Under the Rain. Afrooz continues to cultivate her work in sculpture and art video making.

More from the Filmmaker

The world of childhood is full of passion and sweetness and becomes colorful with the dreams of our teen years. Imagination is made of the smallest and tiniest things which are next to us and make dreams like life. At first, in childhood, imagination is playful. Later, we make this play serious using the world around us. It becomes our future. We believe in dreams, and people come into this play that is named life. Life is painful for those who have forgotten their dreams. The children beside me in this film don’t see the agony of life today and don’t hear its voice. They exist in this film because they haven’t lost their dreams. As a filmmaker, I wouldn’t exist without my dreams.

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