Ana Trg (Ana's Square)

Ana sells religious calendars in Zagreb's main square, building her sense of purpose over 40 years. Lady Zorka sells calendars next to her. While they are in constant conflict, the two women come to depend on each other. [TRAILER]

A film by Jelena Novaković with RESTART (Croatia/2015/26:00)


About Jelena Novaković

Jelena Novaković was born in 1980 in Zagreb, Croatia. She graduated from the departments of sociology and information science at the Faculty of Social Sciences in Zagreb. She is currently completing her Master’s in European Studies at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Zagreb. She has 10 years of work experience with local and international organizations. She is employed by the British Council to complete projects on state administration reform. She attended film workshop ''Attack – Medika'' (2009), and, in 2011, she finished Restart’s school of documentary film. She volunteered on ZagrebDox and is shooting and editing short films as a hobby.

Director’s Statement

“Ana on the Square” is a character film that shows how people on the street are visible and invisible to us. This film is about an old lady who manages to organize her life on her own. She has found her place in the world, and she doesn’t owe anything to anybody. For the last 40 years she has lived by her own system, which seems to work perfectly and gives her life balance. A new political regime, government alterations, and the development of new technologies have not affected her presence. She has become an integral part of the city. People and trams are constantly passing, but she still sits in the same place, a place where you can hear debates about politics, the city, people, money, history and life. I believe it is important to see this film so that we might notice people around us, not just pass by them, especially those from different backgrounds. Ana’s strength, adroitness, empathy, and sense of humor make her special and a real life fighter. I hope to use any funds awarded to share with Ana’s family (unfortunately, Ana died in October last year), and for future documentary projects.

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