A girl entering womanhood discovers a dissonance between what she really wants and what society expects of her.

About Alexandra Velasco

Alexandra Velasco is a multimedia artist, performer, and filmmaker born in Mexico City, presently residing in Los Angeles. Alexandra’s work centers around the political and performative body. She explores the formation and role of individual identities and how these interact with different environments. Her interest in dualities, in seeing the light in the dark and vice versa, has moved her to explore the outlined idea of gender and oneness. Her voice, mind, and body serve to tell non-linear stories, create time-warped moments, and challenge the point of our collective existence. Oftentimes a sense of the surreal, the uncomfortable, and the erotic incorporates itself in her created realities; be it in her films, collages, or performances. She is currently working on various film and art projects. Her work tells stories about women that either live in her head or who can’t tell their own stories.

About Alexander Kahan

Alexander Kahan is a director and runs a digital content agency called Wulf Media in Mexico City.

Director’s  Statement

The First of the Free Girls / La Primera de las Mujeres Libres is a film about discovering one’s identity. The path from childhood to adolescence is filled with confusion and shame, mostly because adults do not communicate with children and when they do it is imposing their own fears and desires. With this film we wanted to change the narrative on menstruation and puberty by making this specific event a door to adventure and freedom.