Ramia Beladel | Morocco | 2013 | 4 mins
The deep layers and nuances of the female psyche reveal how women are forced to hide as a means of protecting their right to exist.

Get Along

Parya Vatankhah | Iran | 2013 | 6 mins
Ambiguity and paradox demonstrate the beauty and inevitable tragedy of human relations. Dictators and the power of religion corrupt the most intimate relationships between women and men, or between people of the same sex.

My Sin…?

Hafizullah Yoosefi | Afghanistan | 2013 | 26 mins
Through the eyes of Hadis, a seven-year-old Afghani girl who has lost her father to the three-decades’ long war, we experience a country riddled with poverty, corruption, and human rights violations. 

The Virginity Minarets

Farhad Rezaee | Afghanistan | 2013 | 13 mins
A young girl seeks shelter in a local mosque that sadly delivers her directly into the grasp of scandal and danger.

Do Not Trust My Silence!

Mubareka Sahar Fetrat | Afghanistan | 2013 | 9 mins
In the current climate of Afghanistan – plagued by war and uncertainty – it is difficult to be a woman, and men often make it even more challenging.

City of Dust

Jamil Jalla | Afghanistan | 2013 | 13 mins
Although nobody approves of their relationship, two lovers in Kabul try to live their lives together. They dream of starting anew somewhere far away from anyone who knows them. But it’s not that easy.

The Unknown

Ghafar Falzyar | Afghanistan | 2013 | 14 mins
After hearing that foreign military forces are scheduled to leave Afghanistan in 2014, a reporter fears for her family members.


Farzan Ghaemmagham | Iran | 2013 | 21 mins
Seated next to her husband Hanif, the only place where Ghazale can scream in anguish is on a roller coaster; screams that will fall on deaf ears when it matters most.

End of the Story

Ghafar Azad | Afghanistan | 2013 | 12 mins
On their wedding night, Roya’s husband is taken to prison by American troops. She hopes for her husband’s return, but Roya’s brother is anxious to have her remarried. Will Roya be forced into an arranged marriage against her will?

Fight Acid Violence

Shahida Akther | Bangladesh | 2013 | 45 mins
Acid attacks in Bangladesh occur daily where social taboo around this form of violence against women silences victims, doctors, and employees of treatment and rehabilitation centers, alike.

In the Name of Tradition

May El Hossamy | Egypt | 2013 | 15 mins
Between tradition and modernity, a woman’s body is marketed, honored, or mutilated, and her destiny is irrevocably linked to blood.


Ashley Moloney | Ireland | 2014 | 2 mins
An experimental short film that uses nostalgic imagery to discuss current attitudes about women.

Musta a Dila – Justice Seeking Angels

Sangita Datta | India | 2013 | 3 mins
Urufa’s husband leaves her by initiating talaq, one-sided divorce available to men under the tenets of Islam. Determined not to be victimized, she speaks out against this nexus of religious malpractice and male tyranny.

1. 2. 3 ?

Alka Sadat | Afghanistan | 2013 | 29 mins
For those who fall victim to the hardships of being female in Afghanistan, many see self-immolation and suicide as the only way to escape an already determined destiny; others valiantly pursue justice and the rule of law.

Slaves of the Islamic State

Pari Ibrahim | Iraqi Kurdistan, Netherlands | 2015 | 15 mins
Yazidi fighters and women survivors of the ISIS siege of Mount Sinjar speak about their horrific experiences from the relative safety of the Duhok and Zaxo refugee camps.

When the Dust Settles

Pouria Siminpour | Iran | 2013 | 16 mins
In her misery and loneliness, a young divorcée spies on her neighbor, a prostitute with a steady stream of male visitors but who lives independent of men.

Darya’s Dream

Jamil Jalla | Afghanistan | 2013 | 19 mins
Two sisters, Roya and Darya, dream of starting anew, but when Roya’s boss accuses her of theft she is left vulnerable to his sexual advances without recourse.

Memory of a Heart

Tribeny Rai | India | 2016 | 5 mins
Based on journal entries, this experimental film is a series of episodic memories relayed by a daughter about her father.

Her Words: Storytelling with Saris

Monica Jahan Bose and Nandita Ahmed | Bangladesh, USA | 2013 | 30 mins
A life-changing eco-empowerment project empowers twelve Muslim women of Katakhali Village, Bangladesh, to overcome gender discrimination, child marriage, lack of access to education, and climate change with resilience.

Like in a Mirror

Tamer Samy Aziz | Egypt | 2013 | 12 mins
When a young and battered wife of a state police officer meets a young revolutionary poet, their lives change. In the irony of shared misery, they find hope.