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Two-hundred girls were kidnapped from the Government Secondary School in the town of Chibok, northern Nigeria, Borno state. Targeting school girls since 2010, their abductors, Boko Haram, believes schoolgirls should not be educated. Reportedly, these school girls have been trafficked into sexual slavery or sold as child brides. According to officials, the average age of the kidnapped school girls is 12-13 years old. Though a few girls have been able to escape, the fate of those that remain is unknown.

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A film by women's rights activist Maryam Tarami.

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Our Story – Four Words

We believe no child should have to fear going to school, and no child should have to fear being a girl. Four Words is a short film dedicated to the Chibok Girls. The purpose of this project is to create a high quality film to direct global attention to the fact that the Chibok Girls are still missing. In this way we can support the girls' rescue and encourage their local community to put an end to the situation of child abduction. We believe this film is the perfect tool to raise attention for the kidnapped girls because it enables us to compress a substantial amount of information into a short amount of time. Four Words will bring a closer look to the lives of the school girls in a way we would not be able to see or experience otherwise, as they struggle to pursue their dreams in their country.

Why is it so important to make this film? Because Chibok Girl’s lives matter and their community cannot do this alone. Shortly after the kidnapping there was no shortage of media attention to the disappearance of these young girls. After more than 500 days, most of the girls are still not back, several returned pregnant and infected with sexually transmitted diseases, yet media attention has significantly decreased, leaving the girls and their families in despair. We cannot let the world forget about the Chibok Girls. This situation is a global issue.

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Maryam Tarami

Producer & Initiator of Four Words

Maryam is an award-winning actress and film producer. To overcome her shyness she got into theater in her teenage years. Over the years, telling stories through film has become her passion. Maryam is the owner of the production company Damondi Works. As an independent producer, she is mainly interested in humanitarian subjects. Her latest film production includes BHFF Audience Award-winning February, which shares the real-life story of an oppressed woman in search for freedom. With her collective experience shooting fiction and non-fiction, she wants to raise $45,000 to team up and then shoot Four Words in Africa.

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We are in the process of raising the funds to make this movie happen and WE NEED YOUR HELP. The funds are needed to cover the costs of our cast and crew, for costs such as travel expenses and accommodation to and at the locations of the film shootings, both in the stages of prepping for the film shootings and during. But are also we seeking funds to invest in permits, insurances, rental of shooting equipment and shooting locations, post-production equipment, and, last but not least, the worldwide distribution of our film. Our goal is to raise $45,000 for this movie.

With your generous tax-deductible contribution you can help us make this film and raise awareness about the kidnapped school girls in Nigeria, who struggle to pursue their dreams.

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