Our Mission

Women’s Voices Now promotes and amplifies the free expression of the worldwide struggle for women’s civil, economic, political, and gender rights. Through online content and community-based events, we create platforms that connect conscientious art and media creators, activists, filmmakers, audiences, and advocacy organizations. 

Our Vision

At Women’s Voices Now, our long-term vision is to create an interconnected and mobilized women’s rights community, working together to improve the status of women worldwide. Using the medium of film, we bring that vision into reality, fostering awareness of women’s rights issues and providing clear channels of action that encourage our viewers to join the movement for women’s rights. 




Past Festivals


We Believe, Support, and Promote...

▲ that the equality of each human being, irrespective of gender, ethnicity, or religion, is innate and immutable.
▲ that no faith, religion, race, or culture is a basis for one group to claim to be and act superior to another group.
▲ that women and men are both entitled to basic human rights and free expression.
▲ that no group, majority, or minority should force its opinions and beliefs on any other.
▲ that the only acceptable intolerance is that which is directed towards intolerance itself.
▲ that adherents of all faiths have the right to arrive at, and practice, their personal beliefs without fear of reprisal, repression, or persecution.
▲ that violence, or the incitement thereto, is never an acceptable response to the free expression of critical thinking, alternative views, peaceful protests, opposing media, literature, and discussion.

We believe that amplifying women’s voices—and those of the men who support women's rights—is a guaranteed way to contribute to a more equitable and just world. For lasting change, women’s voices calling for full and free expression must be heard, their humanity must be recognized, and their ideas and contributions must be implemented.

We invite all those who share our vision, beliefs, and goals to join us.