Nazareth Cinema Lady

Safa Dabour, a Muslim woman, establishes the first and only Arab cinematheque in Nazareth, Israel. This is a cinematic profile of a courageous woman whose individual path is interwoven with the battle for her own cinematheque. [TRAILER]

A film by Nurit Jacobs Yinon (Israel/2015/52:15)

About Nurit Jacobs

Yinon Nurit Jacobs-Yinon is an independent film director and producer. She has been making movies since 1999 and founded Aluma Film Productions in 2007. Nurit’s films have focused on women, on the relation between the spiritual and the worldly, the physical and metaphysical. The link between form and content is also explored in terms of style and cinematic language, with an emphasis on aesthetics, not only in her video art but in her documentary films as well.

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