Women’s Voices Now seeks to amplify the voices of all women. We believe in the power of free expression to realize the aspirations of women's rights. At Women’s Voices Now, we look for compelling films in the student, documentary, narrative and experimental genres that push boundaries and subvert expectations. We are looking for films that are relevant to our global community and which tell unique stories and amplify voices of women from around the world. We judge all film submissions based on relevance of subject matter to our film festival call, strength of a film’s storytelling (use of structure and image to communicate a compelling story) and the technical aspects of filmmaking. All films in any language other than English are encouraged to submit, however, those films must include English language subtitles.

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The power of film is undeniable. Film has the power to transport and transcend time and place. A good movie can change the way you see the world and others who live in it and can be a vessel for seeing the world from another point of view. A study conducted by YouTube concludes that over 6 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube by people around the world. Film is instant, effortless, and, if it is successful, leaves a lasting impact on its viewers. Thanks to technology, you can watch a film from anywhere you like, anytime.