A girl and a woman meet in an airport departure gate. Just before they board a plane to Manchester, we witness a private exchange as they share the different reasons that brought them to this moment, and the traumatic journey that awaits them.

A film by Natasha Waugh (Ireland | 2016 | 11 mins)



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About Natasha Waugh

Natasha graduated with a BA in English and Film Studies from University College Dublin and, soon after, founded Fight Back Films with fellow director Richard Keaney. She has, to date, directed five short films, including: Food Fight (2014), Running Commentary (2014), and Lag (2015; currently in post-production). Two films have had success within the festival circuit; Food Fight’s entry in the 68th Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner, and Running Commentary’s selection for the inaugural Dublin Feminist Film Festival, the 5th London Feminist Film Festival, and the Women’s Director International Film Festival in India. Natasha just wrapped the short film, The Betrayal, which she co-directed with filmmaker Kamila Dydyna.

Terminal is her fifth short film, and her third film as a writer/director.

Director's Statement

This film aims to highlight women’s reproductive rights in Ireland. What we as filmmakers set out to do is to create a reaction. My aim with this film is to humanize these women, who we hear about leaving Ireland daily to get an abortion. I wanted to put a face on the stories that are almost always faceless. The reaction that I want to elicit from people is empathy. I wanted to tell a human story, not a story about committing a crime.

When they watch this film, audiences will see a person, and hear a voice.

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