For Filmmakers

Who Are We? What Do We Sponsor?

Women’s Voices Now offers low-cost fiscal sponsorship to independent producers internationally. The cost of applying for the WVN Fiscal Sponsorship Program is a one-time payment of $40.00USD. This fee is for reviewing and processing all fiscal sponsorship applications and is non-refundable.

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Once accepted, WVN acts as the fiscal sponsor for the duration of your project, and charges 10% on all income received. We set you up on our website and provide a button that enables your sponsors to contribute directly to your film online.

Many foundations and individuals will not issue grants to individual filmmakers but only to non-profit organizations, so instead of starting their own 501(c)3 organization, filmmakers often align themselves with an established non-profit, allowing them to apply for a wide range of grants and offer their donors a tax deduction.

WVN is is an organization that accepts and administers contributions made to our members’ projects, monitors reports to ensure that grant funds are spent in accordance with funder requirements, and acts as the liaison between foundations and filmmakers.

Application Timeline

Applications are considered on a rolling basis. We issue decisions no later than four weeks after an application has been received at which time you will be notified of our decision to sponsor your project, or not.

What Do We Sponsor?

Women’s Voices Now supports film projects that are consistent with our mission statement. Projects must be artistic in nature and may not be produced solely for commercial gain. The term "project" is used specifically to refer to a film project that fits into the WVN mission statement, and is made by an individual or organization.

What WVN Does NOT Do

WVN does not give grants, donations, or fund films as an entity unto itself. That is, we are simply an umbrella organization meant to help filmmakers raise their own funds for their own projects. We do not give WVN-allocated financial resources for any film project.

What Can't We Sponsor?

  • Award programs, grant programs, scholarship programs, or any other scenario in which you'll be re-granting the money you receive from us.
  • Commercial projects with the singular goal of making money.
  • Projects without a human/women’s rights, social impact, and/or women's directorship component.

What is the Relationship Between Women’s Voices Now and its Sponsored Projects?

Fiscal sponsorship has many different models. WVN’s fiscal sponsorship program is structured as a grantor-grantee relationship. In our program, sponsored projects are treated as separate legal entities that are responsible for their own tax returns, employment taxes, insurance, debts, liabilities, and other legal obligations. Although fiscal sponsorship does not give projects 501(c)(3) status, it does enable them to access many of the benefits of WVN’s 501(c)(3) status.

Women’s Voices Now simply provides a legal and efficient mechanism for funders and donors to support narrative, experimental, and documentary films.

Program Eligibility

In order to be approved, you must demonstrate the following criteria:

  • Film is human/women’s rights, socially conscious in nature, and/or includes women's directorship
  • Activities must not be for the sole purpose of financial gain 
  • You have a valid email address that you regularly check
  • You have regular access to the internet

Program Benefits

The core program benefit is the ability to solicit tax-deductible contributions or grants in support of your activities. However, our program has some aspects that make it special when compared to other fiscal sponsorship programs:

  • WVN's knowledgeable staff is available upon request and appointment to consult with you on your project, scripts, creative decisions, and overall approach to making your film.
  • Donors can make automatic recurring monthly credit card donations
  • We can accept and process non-cash donations of equipment and materials
  • WVN creates a unique web page on our website that is for the sole purpose of bringing traffic and attention to your film project where people can donate directly. You can use this link in your fundraising efforts.
  • Funds are disbursed only when you have project-related expenses, which means that any "income" from the fiscal sponsorship should be 100% offset by deductible expenses. This means that if you are fiscally sponsored by WVN, we require a monthly breakdown of your expenses so that we can disburse funds to you. (We can't legally offer tax advice, but the idea here is that we're trying to prevent you from owing any taxes on the money you receive. If you have questions about this, consult an accountant.)

Fundraising Procedures

  • You may not begin fundraising under the umbrella of WVN until WVN has approved your sponsorship application.
  • As a fiscally sponsored project, you are responsible for your own fundraising. Take some time to think about your development strategy, project identity, and whom you'll contact as potential sources of funding.
  • All questions regarding fiscal sponsorship should be sent to

Some Important Notes

  • The legal entity associated with the fund may be transferred at anytime by signing a contract amendment agreement.
  • Should your project be accepted you will be asked to sign a contract. To review the contract, view this PDF.
  • To fill out the application, click here.