WVN Film Festival.

A women’s rights documentary films recognizing films by women that advocate for girls’ and women’s rights around the world.

Film Festival 2022.

Submissions are now closed for the 2022 women’s rights documentary film festival, hosted by Women’s Voices Now.

We are in the midst of the selection process, and are thrilled to be reviewing films from 38+ countries!

Good luck to everyone who submitted their film! 

Thank you to our 2022 Festival Sponsors!

Women's Voices Now - 2022 Women's Rights Documentary Film Festival

2022 Awards

Leslie J. Sacks Best Documentary Feature  – $3,500

Best Documentary Short – $2,000

Best Human Rights Documentary – $1,500

Best Creative Documentary  – $1,000

Best First-time Filmmaker  – $1,000

Best Youth Documentary Short – $500

Other Ways to Participate.

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2022 Festival Sponsors.
Advisory Board

The Celluloid Ceiling.

Women filmmakers are out there, so why is women-produced content still underrepresented? 

Women Filmmakers: Shattering That Ceiling.

Contributing to a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive film industry, our independent film festival challenges gender-based stereotypes both on and off the screen. To support this vision, our online film festival:

Women's Voices Now

Our Approach.

“The Women’s Voices Now Film Festival provides a rare and special platform for unheard voices and issues, and is a creative boon for independent women filmmakers around the world.”

– Dr. Meena Longjam, Filmmaker