A Very Happy Woman: A Tale of Marriage by Abduction

Tato Giligashvili | Georgia | 2021 | 34:35 min



A Very Happy Woman Synopsis

Story of the filmmakers family, broken by centuries’ old tradition of Marriage by Abduction.


About the Filmmaker

I am a 24-year-old documentary filmmaker from Georgia. My work’s primary focus is telling stories of Women and Queer people living and operating under oppressive systems. I want to be able to provide a platform for those neglected and dismissed by the present-day media, whether it’s due to ignorance or a lack of commercial hook. The dismissal adds on to and simultaneously invalidates the hardships of many non-Western communities.

My art making practice is entirely devoted to the urgency of alternative, non-West-Centric activist movements and academic research. My work is provocative, political, and loaded with familial trauma and experiences. My films and the questions they raise are ambitious, politically charged and interrogative — they implicate not only its subjects but also its audience and society as a whole for contributing to ever-present oppressive, white patriarchal systems.


More From the Filmmaker

How do we perpetuate the cycle and how can we break it?



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This film won the Best Creative Documentary Prize in the 2023 Women’s Voices Now Film Festival: Holding Ground Under Siege.

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