Shades of Her

Alicia Rollins | USA | 2017 | 40 mins



Shades of Her: A Commentary on Colorism is a documentary that explores the nuances of skin tone in African American women in a unique and poignant way. By utilizing both dance and expression, the viewer sees and hears women share their stories of how the color of their skin have affected their lives, how they see themselves, and how they interact with others. The film aims at breaking down stereotypical barriers placed on African American women, all while advocating empowerment and unity among women.

About the Filmmaker

Alicia Rollins is a scientist, creative director, and author. Alicia nurtured her creativity for 12 years, matriculating in dance education and culminating as a competitive dancer at Southern University. After graduating with a degree in Biology and subsequently Clinical Lab Sciences, her work as a scientist began and her creative work continued. She began teaching dance and creating projects for authors and artists alike. Her specialities include choreography, development of creative content, photography, creative direction, video direction, and script development.

More from the Filmmaker

The goal of this film to engage in healthy dialogue of how the variety in skin shades affects interactions between African American women, dating, jobs, media and overall self esteem. This film discusses the difficulties of navigating colorism in the African American community. It speaks about women in media, social media, self esteem and life experiences of a variety of women.

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