What do I have to do to host a screening?

The process is simple – first, choose a program from our current offerings, fill out a screening request form and we will be in touch as soon as your request is processed. We ask that you give yourself at least one month to plan a screening.

As the screening host, you choose the date, time, venue, planning team, and other details, and we provide you with the films, screening guide, and helpful marketing materials.

Planning a screening event is always more successful with partners and sponsors. We recommend partnering with local organizations and individuals to help with attendance, logistics and coordination.

Where can I host a screening?

Our goal is to bring Women’s Voices Now films wherever possible. You can host a screening just about anywhere that you have internet access. Here are some suggested locations:

  • College or high school auditorium
  • Public library
  • Community center
  • Place of worship
  • A conference hall
  • Your own living room or backyard

Please make sure that your venue has a laptop, projector, screen, and internet access to show the films. We generally send links to films, but in special cases, we can send high-resolution downloads to the films. Please communicate your particular needs in the screening request form.

When can I host my screening?

When you host your screening is entirely up to you. We suggest submitting a screening request form at least one month prior to proposed screening date.

What comes with a screening package?

Each WVN Screening Package comes with links/downloads for films, educational materials, post-film discussion topics, sample emails and Facebook posts, digital flyer and post film action steps. We are also availble at any time to help you along the way to hosting your screening.

How much does it cost to host a screening?

Women’s Voices Now prides itself in providing free access to films (with permission from all filmmakers) and screening packages at no cost to the host. That means that you do not have to pay anything to Women’s Voices Now to recieve the screening materials. Women’s Voices Now does not, however, cover any costs for renting screening venues, equipment or any other event related costs. We encourage you to partner with local businesses and organizations to produce an event that has as little overhead cost as possible. If you would like more information on how to do this, please contact us. We want people, regardless of their economic situation, to come together, watch these important films and jump into action.

Can I charge admission for my event?

Ticket sales are generally not permitted, but reach out to us if you plan to sell tickets to cover the cost of the event and/or raise money for Women’s Voices Now and/or a relevant cause. You cannot host a screening as a fundraiser for your personal gain or for your organization. If you are part of an organization, you can contact us to learn more about partnering with Women’s Voices Now.