Enchikunye (Returning Home)

A young Maasai girl, Leah, meets an Italian shepherd, Silvia, in the Italian Alps. They live together during a season of pastoralism, sharing work and stories. Leah reflects on her Maasai culture, which dictates women remain passive. [TRAILER]

A film by Sandro Bozzolo (Italy/2015/39:17)

About Sandro Bozzolo

Sandro Bozzolo is a PhD candidate in Migrations and Intercultural Processes at University of Genoa. He holds a Masters in Social Communication and Urban Documentary in Italy, Lithuania and Colombia. His film “Amazonia 2.0” (2012), produced by Meibi, was selected by the Ecuadorian Ministry of Culture for the project “CNCine” and was recognized at EtnoFilm Festival of Monselice 2012, Italy. Enchikunye (2015) was produced by Geronimo Carbonò and Meibi.

He is the author of the books Ilmurràn – Maasai in the Alps, published by ScrittoDritto (2015: Italy) and Un sindaco fuori del comune – La democrazia partecipativa esiste. Storia di Antanas Mockus, Supercittadino di Bogotà, published by EMI (2012: Bologna, Italy). He is currently conducting journalistic research for Agritools (www.agritools.org), funded by the Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation and by the European Journalism Center. His reports have appeared in Italian and international newsrooms.

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