November 2010 Press

November 29, 2010

Each month Women's Voices Now is receiving more and more press coverage. November has been the organization's most successful month yet. WVN was featured by media outlets around the world for its work with women's rights through short-film.

The following is a list of noteworthy mentions.

Festival Filmmakers in the News

The Armenian Reporter (USA)
Alysse Stepanian is profiled for "Roghieh" which paints a surreal picture of the early stages of the Iranian Revolution, when it empowered the underprivileged, who had a significant role in the overthrow of an elitist regime. A cleaning lady's broom becomes a weapon symbolizing new found strength. She jumps into the revolution from the wall-less bedroom of a young girl caught in the middle of great social changes and role reversals.

Udaipur Blog (India)
Profile of filmmaker Rama Barhat who has given identity to her Indian city of Udaipur in her short film "Jazbaa: A Strong Will." Rama is a 17-year-old girl who refused to continue her education until her parents agreed to enroll her in a movie making course instead. As ode to her city, Rama made a film about Manju Khatri, the only female rickshaw driver in Udaipur.

Chris-Free.blogspot (USA)
Filmmaker Ashley Zohorian receives props for her film "Menna," a tongue-in-cheek comedy of errors about Menna (Menna Youssuf), the typical young, single, Egyptian-American, Muslim woman getting her Ph.D. in engineering. The film follows Menna and her neighbor Sandy (Iva Mananquil) as Menna’s auntie (Abla Afify) tries to set Menna up with suitor after suitor. Will Menna dodge their advances while trying to find a “normal” life?

Noteworthy Blogs and News Announcements
Time Out New York (USA)
Critic's Pick! WVN earns the honor of being a critic's pick for its event Women In Conflict: Iraq & Afghanistan

MuslimahMediaWatch (USA)
"In January of this year, philanthropist Leslie Sacks, human rights lawyer Catinca Tabacaru and a team of extraordinary women came together to create Women’s Voices Now, an organization based in New York whose aim is to “empower women and give voice to the struggle for civil, economic, and political rights. This group of women has wasted no time in carrying out their mission. Already hosting what is being called the “first-ever international showcase of short films about Islam and women,” Women’s Voices Now has creatively crafted Women’s Voices from the Muslim World: A Short-Film Festival..." - re-printed in: Newsodrome (Israel), Regator - only the best blogs (USA) and Ismailimail

Elan: the Guide to Global Muslim Culture(USA)
elanMagazine profiles Women's Voices Now and invites its readers to attend Women In Conflict, Iraq & Afghanistan - a WVN event.

Osocio (Netherlands)
Blog focused on social advertising and non-profit campaigns from around the globe features the festival and picks their favorite films. Check out their selection.

Dangerous Minds
Women's Voices Now's Creative Director Alan Stuart discusses the Festival and picks his favorite films.

The Activist Writer
"This blog centers around bringing awareness to human rights issues around the world. You’ll read about the people and organizations working to make an impact and effect social change. They are the artists, advocates, and citizens working to defend and protect human rights."

My World and More (Saudi Arabia)
36-year-old Saudi teacher and blogger selects her favorite Festival films.

Real Film Career
As a motion-picture Camera Assistant for over a decade, Brian Dzyak's resume includes films like Titanic, Broken Arrow, Murder in the First, Star Trek Generations, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc.

Deutsche Welle is Germany’s international broadcaster: online, on-screen and over the air. It provides a European perspective to audiences around the world and promotes intercultural dialogue. (Iran) is a community site for the Iranian diaspora -- the Iranian expatriates who care about their identity, culture, music, history, politics, literature and each other, as well as friends and family living in Iran.

Syariahku is a blog that engages its readers in discussions around Islam, Muslim women, and religion in society.

Prosperity Candle (US)
Prosperity Candle reports on kick-off event of Women in Conflict: Iraq & Afghanistan at Simmons College in Boston. Prosperity Candle celebrates women as a global force for peace and prosperity. The organization invests in enterprising women living in distressed areas of the world who are excited to start their own businesses producing distinctive candles for local and international markets. They focus on places that are torn by conflict and social unrest, devastated by natural disaster, and trapped in never-ending poverty. Places like Afghanistan, Haiti and Rwanda and currently working in Iraq.

Kickstarter is the largest funding platform for creative projects in the world. Every month, tens of thousands of amazing people pledge millions of dollars to projects from the worlds of music, film, art, technology, design, food, publishing and other creative fields.

Expatdoctormom (Qatar)
Expat is a blog written by an American Board Certified Family Physician who resides in Qatar. Her discussions and experiences as a physician, mother and traveller are all reflected in her writings.

New Mexico Women in Film (US)
Women in Film chapters around the world have made numerous PSAs for 501c3 charities, and New Mexico chapter of WIF continues its efforts. In the past four years, NMWIF PSAs for NM Coalition to End Homelessness and the Santa Fe Rape Crisis and Trauma Center. The project is paid for through NMWIF's fundraising and their members serve as the filmmakers, crew and mentees.

Cambodiajobs.blogspot (Cambodia)
Cambodiajobs is a blogspot which advertises international jobs, volunteer, internship, fellowship, grants, fund, scholarship and award opportunities.
Global Sister is a worldwide blogspot which provides breaking news, call to action, and campaigns to connect women across the globe.