Empowering Women

Women’s Voices Now interns in Meknes, Morocco conducted a video profile on a patron of the Association of the Protection of the Moroccan Family (APMF), Wama Azaz, who goes by Samira, on the importance of her family and the impact APMF has had on her life.

She initially joined APMF for a break from constant household duties. An amateur seamstress, she also wanted to learn how to create garments with traditional styles that depict the love she has for her culture. Samira not only honed her artistic talents through painting, ceramics, and sewing, she discovered the meaning of unity and found within APMF a second family. By splitting her time between her home and APMF, Samira realized that she actually had more energy to give to her husband and four-year-old son. Accompanied with projects to perfect, goals to achieve, and companionship from the rest of the women at APMF, “now I feel like I can breathe. Truly breathe.” She emphasized the importance of women providing their own income to help their husbands provide for the family. Samira’s experiences at APMF reflect its very mission statement. “By bettering myself, I better my family.”