By Heidi Basch-Harod

July 16, 2013
Global Girl Media (GGM) Summer Academy at the RFK Community Schools in Los Angeles, California.

Women’s Voices Now Executive Director leading the “Finding Your Power and Keeping It” workshop at the Global Girl Media (GGM) Summer Academy
“Finding Your Power and Keeping It” focuses on the definition of power and how it is used in both positive and negative ways and the necessity of obtaining some measure of power in order to stay true to one’s path. This workshop emphasizes the importance of cultivating the confidence and belief in oneself, as well as gathering the necessary tools to keep your power in the face of adversity, challenge, or a general lack of support.
Film Shown:
The Path to Follow
Nazifa Zakizadu | Afghanistan | 2010
In this 11-minute documentary, Zakizadu follows a group of Afghani teenage girls to and from their Tae Kwon Do class, which they started just prior to the fall of the Taliban. In the film, the girls talk about the familial and societal challenges to their unconventional choice of hobby, which brings some of them to other countries for international Tae Kwon Do competitions.
From the film the audience witnesses the power these girls gain from learning martial arts, as well as the support they give to each other to keep showing up to practice.