Iran’s “Women Revolution” in Quotes.

Women across Iran have been protesting the country’s repressive regime for over a month. Protests were prompted by the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini after she was detained for not properly wearing her hijab.
By Erin Pedersen
Iran’s “Women Revolution” in Quotes (source_ Emrah Gurel_AP)

We don't have one leader. The beauty and strength of our movement is that every single one of us here is a leader.

— Golshan, Women’s Rights Activist in Iran

(source: New York Times)

Iran’s “Women Revolution” in Quotes (source_ France 24)
France 24
- Iran’s “Women Revolution” in QuotesSlide 3 (source_ Reuters_Yonhap)

The hijab was just the spark. It has always been about basic human rights.

— Fawaz (not his real name), Protestor in Tehran

Iranian women have bravely protested Iran’s discriminatory hijab laws before, this is not the end of that story.

— Behnam ben Taleblu,
Senior Fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies

(source: CNBC)

Iran’s “Women Revolution” in Quotes -Slide 4 (source_ Foundation for Defense of Democracies)
Foundation for Defense of Democracies
Iran’s “Women Revolution” in Quotes -Slide 5 (source_ AP Photo_Markus Schreiber)
AP Photo/Markus Schreiber

This is not a protest anymore, this is a revolution, in Iran. And the people of the world have to see it.

— Shakib Lolo, Iranian Protestor Living in the Netherlands

(source: NPR)

We’re seeing the [young] women of Iran taking charge, they are galvanizing the entire country, and the men are with them.

— Firuzeh Mahmoudi,
Executive Director of the Non-Profit United for Iran

(source: The New Arab)

Iran’s “Women Revolution” in Quotes - Slide 6 (source_ United for Iran)
United for Iran
Iran’s “Women Revolution” in Quotes - Slide 7 (source_ Shahed Ezaydi)
Shahed Ezaydi

The fight for women’s freedom in Iran isn’t just about the hijab but ultimately, a woman’s ability to choose.

— Shahed Ezaydi,
Writer and Editor for The New Arab

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