The War & Worship of Women's Bodies.

A selection of short films from the Women’s Voices Now online film collection focusing on women’s body autonomy.
The recent overturning of Roe vs. Wade upset millions of people across the United States and has had ripple effects on abortion rights all over the world. Abortion is ultimately a women’s rights issue and a women’s health issue. Roe vs. Wade was a temporary protection for women’s rights to abortion in the United States.
Roe vs. Wade overturned doesn’t mean we stop fighting for women’s reproductive rights. It does mean we have to take a closer look at how and what the women’s rights movement is fighting for. The War and Worship of Women’s Bodies, a selection of women’s rights films from the Voices for Change, online film collection and hopes to re-inspire people all over the world to defend women’s reproductive rights, including women’s right to abortion. In going on this cinematic journey together, we see women’s resilience and persistence. We are invited to support and revere them, seeing them through their own eyes — healed and whole. 

Part I: The Danger of Being a Woman...

A Very Happy Woman: A Tale of Marriage by Abduction

No Such Right: The End of Roe in Appalachia

The Campaign

Beauty, Fear, Violence

A Girl of No Importance

Part II: Taking Back Our Power...


The Mahoyo Project: South Africa

Pleasure Seekers

Part III: Healing Through Love & Acceptance...

A Maculate Non-conception

Standing With Moms

Onyi: The Path to Finding Me

Your Body is Yours


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