WVN aims to build a global community of women’s and girls’ rights advocates by providing tools for audiences to transform EMPATHY experienced when watching powerful films into real ACTION that can affect social change.

A film can change the world. But it won’t do so by itself. 

We need people like you, who are willing to self-educate, become aware, and take action. #empathytoaction

 In 7 minutes YOU can make a difference!

The Women’s Voices Now Empathy-to-Action Film Club features short films accompanied by calls to action to help YOU to influence your community toward championing the equality and dignity of women and girls.


Mehrin, like any other teenage girl tries to navigate her way through high school. Once the scarf is on, she’s deemed a stereotype.

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Following teenagers in the POC community who are battling mental illness and how it affects them in their everyday life. 

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A look at colorism and the stigmas faced by the underground drag performance community of Los Angeles, California.

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Entering womanhood isn’t always easy. When encountering periods, women and young girls often have to “go with the flow”.

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